10 Things Everyone Needs to Know about Cloning Gel

Growing plants from clones is an easier and quicker method than use of seeds. Successful cloning requires skills and experience. For cloning to be more effective, one can use cloning gel. The gel enhances growth of stems to healthy plants.

Here are 10 things everyone should know about cloning gel.

1.What is a Cloning Gel

It is an exceptional formula designed to assist plants clipping to grow roots. Normally, plants clippings take long to grow in water or soil. Cloning gels provide necessary vitamins and nutrients enhancing quicker growth.


Cloning gel has to be used correctly to get good results. It should be applied skillfully in a small amount to enable the young plant breath. If used in a huge amount, it can hurt the chances of the stem to survive. Read the instruction before using because different gels have distinct instructions. For example, some may require mixing, while others are made ready to use.

3.Importance of Cloning Gel

It increases the success chances your plant has to grow by stimulating root development. Moreover, cloning gel seals the plant cuttings as well as reduces the transplant shock. They are safer and easier to use when compared to cloning powder and liquids.

4.Is cloning Gel Crucial in Marijuana Growth?

Marijuana farming is beneficial; farming business in terms of monetary value. If you have healthy plants, you easily generate good income. Using cloning gel to grow cannabis positively stimulate your results. This is because it enables the marijuana to develop strong and healthy roots, hence, growing quickly to a healthy mature plant. Therefore, cloning marijuana is an ideal decision.

5.Ingredients used to Make a Cloning Gel

Cloning gels are made using different ingredients that makes them suitable for different plants. Most of them, are made using organic solution delivered from brewing natural leaves and herbs ingredients. Herbs and leaves are used because they contain natural vitamins, mineral salts, and hormones that aid in the development of the root.

6.Duration of Using a Cloning Gel

Usage of cloning gel mostly depends on their sizes and packaging. For instance, a gel that has small packaging will require frequent buying than one with large packaging. Moreover, the gel’s concentration may determine its durability. For example, water-based gel can last longer than organic ones due to dilution.

7.Are all Gels Suitable for all Plants

Suitability of a cloning gel is highly determined by the type of plant you are growing. You should identify the type of gel fit for your plants to avoid unsuccessful growth rate.

8.Types of Cloning Gel

There are numerous types of cloning gels on the market today.

Some common examples are:

  • Clonex Mix,
  • Quick Clone,
  • Rootech, and
  • Olivia among others.

9.Where to Purchase a Cloning Gel

You can easily buy them online by looking up for sites selling cloning products.

10.Why consider Cloning Gel among other Cloning Products

Cloning gel should be on your top list as you clone your plants because they enhance growth by promoting successful sprouting of roots.

In conclusion, cloning is not easy; it can be difficult and troublesome. However, with the invention of cloning gel, it gets easier to grow healthy plants. Cloning gel are products that promote growth of roots during cloning leading to fast growth of healthy plants.


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