Why should you try growing cannabis at home?

Growing cannabis at home may seem like a daunting task. The honest truth is that growing your own cannabis indoors is extremely easy thanks to advances in technology. In just four months you can go from seed to your very own smokeable product. Cannabis is a strong fast-growing plant, quite literally a weed. While there are many factors to take care of in growing it is impossible to fail if you follow these simple steps. You will need a grow tent, a fan and carbon filter system, and a powerful light. Other necessities depend on your style of growing, like the potting mix, pots, and fertilizers. In many cases, these can be bought as a kit online through retailers like Amazon. If you are like me then you prefer doing your research and buying each piece individually.

The Grow Tent

These tents can be homemade or pre-fabricated by a manufacturer like Mammoth Tents. The purpose of these tents is to keep the bright light inside an enclosed area. The reflective siding on the inside of the tents makes sure that you are not wasting any energy, by directing all light back at your plants. There are openings for ventilation and electrical cables. These tents allow for better airflow as they have openings near the bottom where it intakes fresh air.

The Lighting

Cannabis needs a lot of light, the more the better usually. Light is the main food source for the growth of the plant so the more light you give it the heavier your harvest will be.  While many old-school growers are still using HID lighting systems, these put out a lot of light, but also consume large amounts of energy and run at a much higher temperature. In comparison, LED lights use much less energy and provide a full spectrum of light for your plants. Cheap LEDs flood the market but will only give you minimal return on your harvest. Investing in an LED light like those made by, Mars Hydro, is a larger financial commitment. Ultimately this will pay off when it comes time to harvest.

The Ventilation

Cannabis, like any plant, was meant to grow outdoors. What this means is that you have to mimic the optimal outdoor settings inside your grow tent. By introducing ventilation and fresh air flow you prevent the proliferation of pests. Fresh air is also essential to the growth of the plant as they intake carbon dioxide and exude oxygen. Oxygen is a crucial part of your cannabis’ health, along with proper watering and feeding.

A Maze of Decisions While it may seem overwhelming to choose between a soil grow or a hydroponic grow, or between growing with seeds versus clones. My recommendation is to experiment! The only way you will find what works for you and your set up is to try it all. Growing cannabis is a lot of work, but it is meant to be fun. The process builds a routine and helps patients understand what it takes to get to their favorite final product. Ultimately this is a hobby you will want to keep private, even though it may be legal these plants and equipment are very valuable.

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