Why is CBD Getting So Popular?

It’s difficult to escape the proliferation of cannabidiol or CBD that is sweeping across the US. Seemingly overnight, there are CBD products and stores that specialize in CBD popping up everywhere in large cities and small towns. Ever since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which took industrial hemp off the list of restricted items, CBD has become a massive, overnight success

What Makes CBD Special?

While there are many reasons CBD has becomes so popular, the simplest way to put the phenomenon is that cannabidiol contains many of the advantages of marijuana without the THC. It would be similar to producing a beer that doesn’t contain alcohol but provides the feeling that it generates. CBD does not make you high nor is it intoxicating. But it does provide a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing that is today being used as a treatment for many different conditions.

CBD’s popularity is certainly attributable to the combination of being the lasted product, heavy hyping, and wide availability. This means that cannabidiol is currently enjoying a “first fame” effect of being new, highly advertised, and with stores and products appearing almost daily, it’s widely available. But that is not the only reason that it has become so popular.

CBD Treatment

Although highly touted to treat many different conditions, CBD has yet to be proven a miracle elixir. This is not because CBD fails to show any promise. It is that cannabidiol is so new on the market that not enough studies have been completed to fully understand all of its effects.

What is known is that CBD is used as a treatment for epilepsy as it helps reduce the effect of the seizures the condition creates. There are other attributes that have been noticed as well, even if the studies still have not been completed.

Relaxation: CBD does produce a mild, relaxing effect. Because the cannabidiol mostly comes from industrial hemp and not marijuana, the amount of THC present is minute, if there at all. The effect comes from the enhancement of natural cannabidiol that is found in the body. However, the overall feeling is quite mild and controllable

Anti-Inflammation: Another aspect of CBD that has garnered notice is the anti-inflammatory effect which not only increases mobility but reduces pain. This has been noticed when CBD is used to treat certain conditions where inflammation may contribute to the feeling of pain in the body.

Few Side Effects: So far, there have been very few unwanted side effects from taking recommended dosages of CBD. As with any product, there are the relative few who may have an allergic reaction, such as the skin reacting to a topical cream with CBD, but such cases seem to be rare.

While no one can predict just how long CBD will remain one of the hottest items on the market. It can be said that the vast proliferation of CBD is such a short time is a testament to its overall popularity and features that today help millions of people treat such conditions as anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, and many more.

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