What is a Cannabis Seed?

Seed or also called “spermatophytes” is vulgarly a fertilized plant ovum which carries the genetic package of the father and the mother. It is like a human being, except that the seed will develop without the help of its parents, much like an egg.
The Two Sexes of Cannabis
Cannabis is a diode plant, i.e. the male and female flowers are not on the same plant, so we have both female and male individuals.
In the context of the cultivation of cannabis, it is the female individuals that interest us because they are the ones who will produce the famous flowers covered with so much desired resin glands.
As in all commercial fields, the sale of cannabis seeds is subject to commercial constraints which impose a questionable marketing model and which often leads to falsehood or omission of truth. This is why we are here today to put things back in their place and give everyone the chance to obtain a flourishing indoor or outdoor garden.

Buying low priced cannabis seed

If you go the commercial route – the modern market offers viable seeds from hundreds of different familial lines of cannabis. In states that have legalized marijuana for adult use and/or medical use, seed sales are regulated differently. In places like California, for instance, you can buy cheap cannabis seeds or plant starts at a local medical marijuana farmers market or a retail or medical dispensary. You can also get low priced seeds at many cannabis festivals in legalization and medical states, like the High Times Cannabis Cup June 6 in Santa Rosa, CA. Some states have regulated legal sales only to licensed marijuana businesses, with no sales of seeds to individuals. In states that have no legal adult-use or medical laws, you need to head online to make your purchase. You can find many online shops offering low priced marijuana seeds for sale, such as Sticky Seeds.

How to germinate a cannabis seed

To germinate a seed nothing simpler, but there are still some reflexes to have.
First, we will have to break the dormancy. Indeed in nature, the seed matures at the end of summer and must spend winter underground before it can germinate in fine weather and become a beautiful plant.
To do this we will simulate the temperature conditions to which the seed would be exposed in its natural environment. We will start bypassing our seeds for 2 days in the fridge, then 2 days in the freezer to give them the illusion of a winter gel.

This step is optional but it will put the odds in your favor especially with old seeds.
We can then germinate our seeds directly in the earth covered by it (2 to 5 mm deep) by watering just a little to keep the seed in humidity.
If you wish or as part of the hydroponic culture, or rock wool we will germinate the seeds in wet cotton but not soggy or between two sheets of paper towel, in a Tupperware protected from light until what the germ looks like (about 2 to 5 days.)

At this time delicately deposit the seed in a cube of rock wool or in the ground, preferably the germ down.
Once in the ground or in the rock wool cubes, you will need a light source for germination to end and for the seed to find its way (be careful not to overexpose the young germ, only partial exposure in the light is enough).

Buying Marijuana Seeds on the Internet

There are many esteemed seed purveyors around the world. A quick internet search, with some point and click cross-referencing, will provide you links to some of the most popular seed distributors on the planet. Many of them are located in the Netherlands – Amsterdam specifically. However, several US and Canadian companies have also proven themselves to be very trustworthy.
The cost for seeds can vary, depending on the strain being offered. Because there is no industry standardization, the strain you buy from one purveyor may or may not be the same when offered by another purveyor. The price of seeds can vary from several dollars to several hundreds of dollars depending on the quality of the strain being “guaranteed” and whether or not you prefer feminized (guaranteed female-only) or non-feminized seeds. We’ve seen seeds go for $60-$100 for a ten-pack. Why so expensive? Well, just one good seed can result in a plant that yields a pound of dried, cured bud. A pound of primo can fetch $800 – $2,000 wholesale – – so the value is there.
Legal advice: Technically, It’s still illegal to purchase seeds online and have them shipped across different states or international lines to your residence. The seed-sellers always say they are selling seeds for “novelty” purposes, not cultivation. However, the chances of getting in trouble for buying seeds online seems very, very low. From a law enforcement perspective, interdicting personal amounts of seeds and arresting the buyer does not yield a high enough return to be worth the police’s time.

If you choose to buy online, purchase from a reputable seed seller who has a long track record, a licensed brand name and loads of positive reviews. Ask cultivator friends for recommendations.

Some popular seed companies include:
Gage Green Seeds
Brothers Grimm Seeds
Swamp Boys Seeds
The Cali Connection
BC Bud Depot
MTG Seeds
DNA Genetics
TGA Genetics
Green House Seeds
Archive Seed Bank
Aficionado Seeds
Sensi Seeds
Amsterdam Genetics
The British Seed Company

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