What Are Best Led Grow Lights For Growing Cannabis Indoors

LED grow lights are said to be relatively new in the cannabis-growing scene. However, they’ve become widely known over the last years due to their ability to produce more great yields. These yields are achieved while remaining cool and utilizing the right amount of electricity as well.

But final yields still depends on the grow skill and the strain and the quality of light as well. These days, LED lights are better options for growing cannabis indoors. No wonder, a lot of manufacturers are now on the rise in creating the best led grow lights 2019 for cannabis indoor growers. The best LED grow lights can produce ultimately impressive results. Cannabis plants can now be grown indoor under LED grow lights throughout the growing until the harvesting process.

The Best Led Grow Lights for Growing Cannabis Indoors

There are types of LED grow lights that can be best used for growing cannabis indoors. Each model or type has its own sets of pros and cons, and some work better in some situations or settings than the others.

The LED grow lights you can consider are:

  • Spread Style LED Lights

Numerous smaller LEDs are properly spread out over the large area. Some example of this includes Rack, Quantum Board, and Spider style LED grow lights.

Quantum Board-this type of LED grow light is one of the commonly preferred types among cannabis indoor growers because this grow light tends to have lower wattage diodes as compared to other LED grow lights. This is being spread out over larger area on board. This seems to deliver good results for the right amount of wattage used, so Quantum board has become more popular nowadays.

Spider LED-this is closely similar to that of Quantum boards wherein each of the diodes are on the smaller side and distributed. However, these are set on the panel with arms like the spiders in contrast with the solid board. Some models can be a bit expensive, but indoor growers are guaranteed to obtain the best results if they use these LED grow lights.

  • Traditional Panel

The traditional panel is considered as the standard among LED panels. It has wattage diodes (small – medium) as well as more compact lamps. Majority of the LED grow lights readily available in the market these days are in unique styles. These are somewhat halfway between a COB style grow lights and Quantum Board with combined features of both.

  • The Cob Style

These types of LED grow lights utilize big Chip on Board or COB LED bulbs. Every cob is ultimately intense and bright since these contain many LED chips in small portion or area. The COBs are known to produce brighter and more intense light as compared to other types of LED, and every COB makes use of the right amount of electricity.

Rather than having dozens of smaller diodes, the COB style is a type of LED grow light that typically has a handful of big COBs. Every COB comes with strong lenses, which direct light down to the cannabis plant. This LED grow light is now gaining increased popularity and is widely known for uniquely having deep penetration to the plant canopy.

Choose these best LED with a fantastic full spectrum led grow lights if you wanted better and more quality yields.  

Best LED Grow Lights-What to Consider When Growing Cannabis Indoor with LED Lights

Environmental factors like the CO2 levels, minimum and maximum day and night temperature, as well as relative humidity range, are essential aspects that need to be considered when growing cannabis plant indoor.  Moreover, the nutrition that you provide your plants is also of absolute importance. Depending on the phase in the cannabis plants’ growing cycle, the nutrition must be adjusted to what plants are asking for.

Importance of Proper Lighting in Growing Cannabis Indoor

The light itself is simply one more source of nutrients and foods for your cannabis plants. You should pick the best LED grow lights and the perfect kind of light for your indoor growing conditions. If in case you are starting with growing cannabis indoors, pick the top LED lights to dial in proper ambient temperatures. The spatial limitations and the height of your cannabis plant play a crucial role depending on the best grow lights that you choose or decide on.

The light schedule is usually ignored in growing cannabis.  With basic light calendar or calendar tricks utilizing the best LED grow lights, you can further control the plant’s behavior in a manner that is favorable you. The ordinary and prescribed lighting schedule for a good LED grow lights are around 18 hours on and about 6 hours off during the vegetative period, and flat 12 to 12 for flowering.

You can likewise save good amount of power or electricity and keep up high-performance level utilizing the best LED lights chances are you utilize gas lantern strategy during the vegetative phase. Before changing to flowering, giving your plant 24 hours of darkness is helping a lot in inducing sexing faster in numerous strains. 

Maximize Savings with the Best LED Grow Lights

Savings on electricity isn’t just an environmentally-conscientious activity; it will further improve your skills in growing too. Understanding as well as measuring your condition will save you money and time and will endlessly improve your cannabis plants’ potential. With the best LED lights to grow your cannabis indoor, you can bring down the lights nearer to the plant’s canopy without really burning the buds or the leaves. You’ll see that your cannabis plants will grow extensively better while utilizing less water and fewer nutrients.

Now that you have learned the significance of LED grow lights, you will be convinced to invest in the best LED grow lights to ensure a successful cannabis plant indoor growing. The best lights can also help achieve greater yields, and as a grower, this indicates the efficiency of your growing techniques using these LED lights, of course. So for successful cannabis indoor growing, choose the best LED grow lights. 

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