Using LED Grow Lights to Grow Your Plants Indoors

An indoor plant or garden could bring a real breath of fresh air to the décor of your room. They introduce a bit of nature into your own living space. No matter if you are a newbie grower or a professional cannabis cultivator, the best LED grow lights could be an excellent option for your indoor grow.

The Rise of LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights are sought-after for their energy efficiency. However, the benefits of using them for your indoor grow do not stop there. Heat is a grave issue, which could have a massive effect on the development and health of your cannabis plant.

That makes using an inclusive cooling, and exhaust system vital to a thriving indoor grow when employing non-LED grow lights. You see, LEDs are cooler than traditional grow lights. LED panels are fitted often with onboard fans and heatsinks. Depending on the grow, cultivators could get away without an elaborate exhaust system, as LEDs do not radiate too much heat. That also lessens the initial expense of installing an indoor grow tent.

Following are some of the reasons why you must shift to LED grow lights today:

  • Dustproof and waterproof

Did you know that a lot of LED grow lights provide dustproof and waterproof properties? It features IP65 ingress protection, meaning the product is dust tight and could be sprayed with water.

  • Simple to install

A LED grow light is simple to install, particularly in small grow rooms. Their design is all-in-one-package. It only requires the light to be plugged in and hung up. Growers do not need to get anxious about hanging reflectors or concerning the grow area overheating.

  • Energy efficiency

LED light bulbs generate the same amount of light as HID lights but use fewer watts. This makes them the perfect LED grow lights for power savings. An experiment in the energy efficiency among the LED lighting bulbs and High Pressure Sodium proved that LEDs lower energy consumption by forty percent.

  • Boosted lifetime

Boosted lifeline is probably the significant benefit of using LED grow lights for growing cannabis. The light emitting diodes feature a low energy use and high efficiency, leading them to last up to 11 years of constant lighting or 22 hours of half-time operation.

If you compare it to HPS and MH bulbs, LED grow lights have roughly 85,000 more hours of lifespan. What’s more, LED bulbs do not stop working suddenly but lower in brightness. It offers the user a heads up to prepare for a change.

Is LED Grow Light Perfect For You?                             

Choosing the right to grow lights and supplying your indoor grow room does not need to be that complicated and difficult. LEDs are an easy way to begin growing cannabis indoors. Even though they cost a bit much, but when you consider the convenience, quality and its lifespan, your decision could surely pay off.

So, have you ever tried growing your cannabis?

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