Think that THC relaxes you? Think again.

So, you think THC helps you to relax?


Well, you couldn’t be more wrong!


Let me guess, you smoked some weed and felt relaxed.  Right?


So now you assume that THC helps you to relax. Well, it’s an easy mistake to make, after all, Cannabis contains Tetrahydrocannabinol, so it’s an easy mistake to assume that it’s the THC that chills you out.


You are in good company, thousands of smokers search for THC in the hope that it will help them to chill.  And now for the really shocking news:

THC causes anxiety


Tetrahydrocannabinol actually makes you anxious!  Several research studies have concluded that the THC in weed causes anxiety when taken in moderate to large doses.  It’s kind of ironic that some stoners are searching for high potency weed in the hope of chilling out when it’s actually stressing them out!


You may be wondering, if it isn’t the THC in weed that causes relaxation, what exactly is it?  And the answer to that is Cannabidiol.  Yes, Marijuana has another Cannabinoid present that is responsible for the relaxation effect, and its name is CBD.

CBD is a relaxant


Cannabidiol is the lesser known Cannabinoid, and has only recently become available as an alternative to THC.  Its preferred by people seeking a relaxation method with zero psychoactive effects.  Traditionally, weed smokers could only purchase weed that was grown from heirloom seed stocks and contained balanced proportions of Tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD.  Intensive farming techniques and hybrid strains changed all that, resulting in super high potency weed with almost no CBD.  Its also worth mentioning that the number of people experiencing mental health problems skyrocketed after the introduction of new high power Cannabis strains such as “Skunk”


So where does that leave smokers who want to chill without the risks involved in using high THC strains?  And the answer to that is simple:


It’s still possible to purchase traditional medium potency Marijuana, this is normally grown outdoors in areas with a suitable climate, it contains a good balance of THC/CBD and whilst still having a psychoactive effect, will relax the user as well.  The other option is to try using CBD with a low THC content.  This produces a relaxed feeling but without the high.


For those of you who regularly experience feelings of anxiousness or paranoia when smoking, you should now understand why.  Good thing is, it’s easy to do something about it, simply smoke traditional “balanced weed” or alternatively, supplement your smoking with a CBD extract or try using CBD vape oil.  A lot of Marijuana users are surprised to discover that Cannabidiol can provide the “chill” effect that they incorrectly assumed was due to THC.


In the UK, THC is still illegal.  Fortunately, due to a small loophole in the law, it’s possible to buy Cannabis e liquid in the UK which contains a very small amount of THC with a large percentage of CBD.  It’s certainly not for you if you are searching for the ultimate high, but it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a relaxing chill!

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