The Main Benefits of Vaping CBD

Sometimes, the best product ideas emerge when two popular concepts are combined into one. This is definitely true in the case of CBD vaping, which is fast becoming the most desirable method of consuming cannabidiol across the globe.

Vaping itself has become incredibly popular since 2011, as the number of active smokers throughout the world has gradually declined. There were a staggering 35 million vapers globally in 2016, for example, with this number expected to peak at 55 million by 2021.

With cannabidiol also being infused into everything from coffee to ice cream, it stands to reason that vaping should also allow you to get your daily dosage in 2018. But what are the main benefits of vaping CBD? Let’s take a look:

  1. Vaping CBD Offers Faster Absorption

CBD offers a number of health and wellbeing advantages, including the reduction of inflammation and improved muscle recovery following a workout.

In the case of inflammation, for example, cannabidiol interacts naturally with the body’s CB2 receptors to help regulate our immune response and aid the recovery of the muscles. This provides natural and potent relief from inflammation, regardless of the root cause or your overall level of health.

If you’re taking CBD to combat inflammation, you’ll want to use a consumption method which delivers immediate relief. In this respect, vaping may well be your best option, as it offers faster absorption into the bloodstream than other methods such as edibles and oils.

The reason for this is that the CBD reaches your bloodstream through the lungs rather than having to pass through the digestive system, as is usual for most food supplements. As a result of this, the impact of CBD can be felt within minutes after you inhale the vapor, with each hit delivering an instant, does of cannabidiol to your body.

Studies also suggest that inhaling CBD may have higher bioavailability when compared to other consumption methods, meaning that more of the compound is absorbed into the body. This distinguished vaping as the most effective method of consuming CBD, regardless of whether your seeking relief or are just impatient!

  1. Vaping CBD Offers Improved Purity

Not only does vaping CBD deliver a rapid absorption rate and boast a higher bioavailability, but it also offers cannabidiol in its purest possible form.

There are two reasons for this; with the first being the way in which CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and packaged. By using the C02 extraction method, which separates out different compounds to deliver a pure, clean and high quality substance.

It’s also important to note that CBD products cannot be legally sold without having less than 0.3% of THC, which is the psychoactive agent that creates the high associated with cannabis. In fact, premium cannabidiol brands sell products with 0% THC, optimizing the purity of the main compound in the process.

This brings us neatly onto the second reason, which is the minimal range of additional ingredients included in CBD vape oil. A growing number of oils are manufactured using 100% pure CBD extract, along with trace amounts of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG).

These two ingredients are crucial, as they bind the vape oil and produce the thick, fulsome clouds that are associated with vaping. They may also be included alongside a terpene or natural flavoring, but other than this there’s unlikely to be any other ingredients in your chosen liquid.

There’s certainly no nicotine included in such products, which should also be entirely free to additives or chemical substances.

  1. Vaping CBD Offers Customised Vaping

If you’ve ever consumed CBD in the form of capsules or gummies, you’ll know that these typically contain a predetermined dose of CBD.

While these consumption methods ensure that you don’t exceed recommended dosage guidelines, it’s important to note that each person will have a different ideal dose depending on a number of different factors.

These include your weight and unique body chemistry, along with the concentration of cannabidiol and the precise motivation for consuming this compound in the first place. This is why it’s recommended that you should tailor your dosage in line with your body weight and composition, before increasing this incrementally as and when required.

This is where vaping CBD comes into play, as this enables you to customize your dose in order to suit your estimations and calculations. Vape oil can initially be purchased in various different potency levels (from 25mg per bottle up to a hefty 4,000mg), while you can select your dose depending on the circumstances.

So whether you wish to experiment with different CBD dosages or have a condition that may require you to increase or decrease your dose from one day to another, vaping represents the ideal method of consumption.

  1. Vaping CBD is Relaxing and can Combat Anxiety

Earlier, we mentioned that the number of active smokers across the globe has declined while vaping has become increasingly popular. This suggests that a large number of vapers are actually ex-smokers, who are looking to make a relaxing transition into a healthier way of life.

CBD vaping is arguably even more relaxing, however, as the cannabidiol compound is proven to alleviate mental conditions such as stress and anxiety.

One particular study found that CBD was extremely effective at reducing the anxiety levels associated with specific psychological disorders, including panic disorder, social anxiety, and PTSD.

This is without any psychoactive or anxiogenic effects, meaning that suffers can take CBD to manage their symptoms without compromising on their ability to undertake everyday tasks.

From both every day and a clinical perspective, CBD vapers are able to live a more relaxing and contented life on average. Certainly, the combination of mellow plumes of vapor and the mental health benefits of cannabidiol is a potent one, particularly if you’re in search of a relaxed state of mind.

The Last Word

Here, we’ve listed four benefits of vaping CBD, but make no mistake we could have included several more in the piece.

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual how they choose to consume CBD, but if you already enjoy vaping this represents a natural and effective method that delivers numerous benefits.

One of the most important is retaining the ability to manage and alter your dosage, which can help you to optimise the impact of CBD on your everyday life.

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