Most Popular Cannabis Strains for Beginners

You might have already heard of the sought-after knockout Cannabis for sale, which transform folks into frogs. However, what if you’re one of those people who are just beginning and like to keep everything a bit cool? Don’t worry because this post got you covered! We gathered some of the best popular cannabis strains that are perfect for a newbie like you!

  1. Blue Dream

Considered as the all-time favorite, Blue Dream has a moderate THC content, and it loads a tasty flavor profile. You can expect to taste hints of sugar, sweet berries, and blueberries when puffing this strain, lingering around your tongue after you exhale.

Take note that Blue Dream doesn’t trigger a couch lock. As an alternative, you will fee creative, energetic, relaxed, and happy after this weed uncovers its magic.

  • Hindu Kush

It’s an original landrace strain, which is purely indica. The Hindu Kush is a wonderful strain for beginners like you. Nevertheless, caution should be observed because it’s a bit potent. You must take it slow because the smoke could be cough-inducing and a bit harsh.

When it comes to the flavor, it provides a complicated taste like a cocktail of herbs, spice, and intense. You will surely feel sedated, happy, and soothed.

  • Plushberry

Looking for another strain with moderate THC levels? Plushberry got you covered. It will help ease novices into the THC experience minus the overpowering high. This cannabis strain tastes like sweet berries combined with candies. The flavor is supplemented by hints of flowers, which make for an appetizingly aromatic smoking experience.

The high of the strain makes you feel drowsy. It induces the munchies that make one crave for simply about any food accessible. This cannabis strain is also famous for causing sensations of arousal and happiness.

  • Jack Herer

Are you the type of beginner who is adventurous and likes to try a strain with THC power in it? You might find this cannabis strain a wonderful option. Baptized after the well-known pro-cannabis activist, this cannabis strain has modest THC levels of at least seventeen percent.

You will find an energetic and happy high, which makes you grin. This strain is excellent for people who like to do away with their bad thoughts and get enough work done throughout the day.

What’s more, Jack Herrer is also utilized for curing appetite loss, pain, nausea, depression, and anxiety. The moderate THC levels indicate it won’t set off some of the negative effects of weed-like anxiety and paranoia.

  • Harlequin

This cannabis strain is famous for having a good amount of CBD, making it the most efficient and dependable strains for curing pain and anxiety. Did you know that CBD has properties, which could combat the paranoia-inducing impacts of THC? It also enhances its painkilling properties. The flavor tastes like sweet mangoes along with hints of an earthy musk with notes of citrus.

Now, are you planning to buy cannabis online? Make sure you consider some of the cannabis strain we mentioned above.   

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