Why Is Marijuana a Good Investment

You don’t have to be a stock market guru to realize the incredible opportunities surrounding marijuana investment. Everywhere you look, companies of all sizes are vying for a piece of the world’s hottest new crop.

Along with the rapid growth of the cannabis industry comes occasional apprehension amongst investors regarding the legitimacy of buying into this burgeoning new sector. So with that in mind, here are some reasons why you should be jumping on the marijuana bandwagon today.

1.Experts See Big Future Numbers

There are many experts who are prognosticating the sheer size that the cannabis industry will be a decade from now. Some have even said they expect the combined industries of hemp and cannabis to be worth upwards of about $200 billion in 10 years.

2.Product Diversity

Cannabis has an incredible diversity in a wide range of products. It can be eaten in a variety of foods, turned into an oil, smoked, vaporized, put into skin topicals, and a long list of other applications.

By investing in the right licensed producer, shareholders are buying a piece of the source product that is used for all of these derivatives.

3.Demand Will Outweigh Supply (For Now)

As the Canadian government moves to make recreational cannabis a reality, there simply is not enough cannabis to meet demand when legalization is a reality in July 2018.

Further, the government is relying on the existing licensed cannabis producers to maximize their yield in order to provide the Canadian public with as many products as possible.

Investing in a licensed producer today, as long as the investor has done their homework, will allow for the shareholder to come along for the ride and expand with the LP as the industry gets bigger.

4.International Opportunities

Countries in every corner of the world are enacting cannabis reform of some kind. Most of them are doing so by creating robust medical marijuana sectors for their citizens who are in need of this remarkable medicine.

Nations including Germany, Poland, Greece, Brazil, Ireland, Colombia, Jamaica, Australia, Israel and many others have made the move to allow for medical cannabis to be prescribed. With every country that ushers in a new era of cannabis, comes a fresh opportunity for an investor in the industry to expand their portfolio and yield higher returns.


These are some of the many reasons why cannabis can be a wise move for any investor who wants to grow with an extremely high-demand product. If you choose the right licensed producer to invest in, the profits will take care of themselves.

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