Lemon Oasis by Glo Extracts Product Review

Glo Product Review

Lemon Oasis

Lemon Oasis by Glo Extracts is a great cartridge when you want to feel like you are on a tropical island just getting high.  Lemon Oasis takes you to a different setting and you are really able to feel the right vibes.  The flavor of the cartridge is top-notch and the high makes you feel like you are floating on clouds.  The safety precautions that Glo Extracts is taking by including verification methods is an impressive thing to see in the cannabis industry. 

With every product comes first impressions and those are important especially when working with something like cannabis.  Glo Extracts does a great job with the first impressions by using stellar packaging with many features. 

Glo Extracts Packaging

The packaging from Glo Extracts has just been fantastic with all of their other products and this one is no exception at all.  The Lemon Oasis packaging has a cool design with black and gold on it that boasts a verification feature that is very important.  The QR code located on the packaging is called the Glotrack.  The Glotrack is a verification process that will take you right to the lab results part of the Glo Extracts website where you can see all the things that are being used to make your cartridge. 

You will also be able to see lab results like this for every other product on the Glo Extracts website.  You can also access the mood boards on the website, which can guide you and help with what you are looking for. 

Flavor and High

The flavor of Lemon Oasis from Glo Extracts is one that is often replicated but can’t be done the same.  The flavor is like a lemon explosion that just makes you feel like you are on a tropical island with the most relaxing high that you’ll ever find.  

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