Kured CBD Q&A with Ben Martch

Interview by: Scott Edward McDowell

Q: Who is Ben Martch?
Ben: I grew up in Oregon with my parents and all family from Pittsburgh, PA. Came out to Colorado to go to CSU by myself in 2003 when I was 18. In 2007 moved to Denver and worked as the marketing manager for a corporate electronic retail company. During college I started putting on events at nightclubs that included fashion shows and CSU’s first snowboard rail jam on CSU campus. After being in Denver for a few years I founded a marketing agency and naturally progressed into the cannabis space. After marketing a handful of CBD and cannabis brands, it dawned on me that I should start my own CBD company.

Q: Why launch a CBD company in such a competitive landscape?
Ben: With my years of experience in the CBD and cannabis space as well as marketing similar products/brands, I am comfortable withe the competition in the CBD space. And my team is next to none which includes one of the largest dispensary holders, one of the largest medicated drink holders and a handful of others that are top tier in their feilds.

Q: How do you feel about the battle that CBD is facing against big pharma?
Ben: Big pharma will be late to the fight, we will have captured the consumer by the time they come to into play!

Q: Kured CBD was acquired by New Age Farms. How is that deal structured?
Ben: New Age Farms saw a massive opportunity and wanted to fully buyout the company after seeing our brand strategy, business plan, the team, etc. They are a great partner and I am excited to grow with them!

Q: Kured only product is disposable vape pens? What are some of the other products you plan to roll out?
Ben: We hope to roll out other products over the next few months but nothing in confirmed as of now.

Q: Where can people learn more about Kured?
Ben: The best place to learn is to visit www.WeAreKured.com or email info@wearekured.com

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