Donald Trump on Marijuana Legalization

The United States of America is yet to legalize the use of cannabis or marijuana. Under the United States Federal Law, marijuana is listed as a Schedule-I substance, which means that the government sees this as a drug with high abuse potential and very little medical purpose. Many politicians took their stand for or against marijuana legalization. One of them, Donald Trump on marijuana legalization and his views are included in this article.

Donald Trump on marijuana

However, despite all this, up till, twenty-three states that passed marijuana reform which eventually allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The use of marijuana as a medicinal drug has incited many debates over the years. Different people have spoken for it and against it. Scientists and doctors have conducted extensive research on its properties and continue to do so. Their research has not yet produced any conclusive results regarding the effectiveness of marijuana as a medical drug, but researchers remain hopeful.

Now medical marijuana has been much in the news regarding its use and legalization, hence, many noted leaders and politicians have included it in their policies and spoken openly about the matter.

Hopeful Republican Presidential Candidate for the 2016 elections, Donald Trump on marijuana, has also expressed his views on the matter of the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes several times over the years. During the 1990s, Trump appeared in favor of legalizing all kinds of drugs. According to him, legalization of drugs could work in favor of the country as it would take profits away from the ‘drug czars’ and help America win the war on drugs.

However, over the years, it seems that his opinion has changed and his views now appear different. During 2015, Trump spoke against the legalization of marijuana. At the Conservative Political Action Conference, Trump was asked about the legalization of marijuana within the state of Colorado and he replied, “”I say it’s bad. Medical marijuana is another thing, but I think it’s bad, and I feel strongly about it.”

He was against the legalization of marijuana but expressed support for its medical use. When questioned about each state’s individual laws regarding its legalization, he also seemed supportive towards that. He was of the opinion that if the states voted for it, then it was best left up to them. He said, “Marijuana is such a big thing. I think medical should happen, right? Don’t we agree? I think so. And then I really believe we should leave it up to the states.”

Trump on marijuana cited Colorado as an example and was of the opinion that the effect of its legalization within the state should be studied and results should be analyzed for further action. As of now, it appears that he supports the individual rights of states to establish marijuana laws and implement them without any interference from Federal bodies. He has also been recorded as saying that he was one hundred percent in favor of medical marijuana.

In his book, The America We Deserve, Donald Trump has written that he has never experimented with any kind of drugs at all. He wrote, “I’ve never taken drugs of any kind, never had a glass of alcohol. Never had a cigarette, never had a cup of coffee”. Trump has also gone on record to say that if drugs were legalized, it would actually be beneficial for the governing bodies as they could use the revenue to fund education programs on drugs.

Donald Trump on marijuana has further said that if he were to be elected President, he could legalize marijuana and use the revenue for education funding. He has not yet picked a side as far as marijuana’s legalization goes but it is expected that he will speak about it during any of presidential debates.

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