Denver Sacred Smoke Sanctuary

Located in 5 Points Denver. This jewel of a space has everything you need to experience the Divine within you in an Urban setting. We take the holistic approach towards living a more sustainable life and desire to share our space and experience with those seeking to share in this knowledge.


As a branch of the Oklevueha Native American Church, we provide a safe space for all humans seeking love, peace, harmony and truth a home to experience their own Divinity and connection to Source. In our home you can smoke, dance, pray, celebrate and, commune. We have games, books, outdoor patios, a performance stage, dance floor, hookah den and hot tub. Our ceremonies and sacraments are protected by numerous laws in the United States and many other countries. Indeed, the first “right” specified in the Bill of Rights is the right to free exercise of religion without government interference.

Native American Church – Higher Court Rulings, including by the US Supreme Court, have verified and solidified the Native American Church’s right to conduct ceremonies and use plants and herbs not available to the general public for healing and empowerment these natural substances include sacred herbs such as peyote, cannabis, and ayahuasca.

Whether you’re a tourist, local, transplant, couch surfer, wall street billionaire, person in a transition or a person seeking asylum for whatever reason you are welcome here. We invite you all to come in peace, smoke herb in peace, relax in peace and be your true self in peace.


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