Chakra Xtracts CBD Product Review

Chakra Xtracts has an amazing CBD product line. Their pharmaceutical-grade hemp is organically grown and sourced from Colorado. They use clean CO2 extraction methods and it shows in their products. Another interesting point about Chakra is they donate 2% of all sales to various charities. It’s great to see a CBD company that gives back. Now that you have a little background on Chakra, let’s take a look at their products.

MedTincture Oil

The MedTincture CBD Oil is Chakra’s CBD Tincture. They offer two types of CBD Tinctures, a CBD only tincture and a Full Spectrum CBD Tincture. Both types have a variety of potencies which range from 250mg to 2000mg of CBD. They’re reasonably priced compared to other CBD retailers. The taste is actually pretty good and they don’t have that chemical taste like some other tinctures do. If you’re new to CBD, tinctures are the most common way of getting started. I recommend using this CBD dosage calculator to find out your recommended starting dosage.

CBD Isolate Powder

The next Chakra product we tested was the CBD Isolate Powder. CBD Isolate is the substance created by extracting only the CBD molecule. The nice thing about this product is that it contains 0% THC so you don’t have to worry about drug tests when consuming this product. The isolate powder is tasteless so it can be added to food or drinks. Personally, I prefer adding it to my coffee in the morning. It’s a great way to get my daily dose of CBD without the hassle of tinctures.

Chakra’s Dabbable CBD Products

Chakra also has a wide variety of CBD products that can be used for dabbing. These products include: Isolate Slab, TerpFusion, TerpSlabs, TerpSauce and Terp Sugar Wax. I was fortunate enough to try them all and the first thing that stuck out to me was the taste. All of these products had a rich aroma and seemed like very clean CBD products. I haven’t really been a fan of dabbing but Chakra’s products make me want to dab more often. Dabbing can be time consuming, but the effects from dabbing are almost instantaneous. If you consume CBD regularly, I would recommend dabbing Chakra’s products.

MediVape – Prefilled CBD Cartridges

Chakra also offers prefilled CBD vape cartridges. They have a variety of flavors and pack a good amount of CBD at 250mg per cartridge. I enjoyed these cartridges but I wasn’t a fan of the Tangie flavor. It might just be my personal taste preference though. Either way I did feel the effects from vaping and I like how easy it is to get a dose of CBD discreetly.

Chakra’s CBD Topicals

In addition to Chakra’s main CBD products, they also sell topical products. These products can be great for reducing localized pain like joint pain or back pain. I really liked the CBD Muscle Cream for my knee pain. Their other CBD topicals are CBD lotion and CBD massage oil. I’ve never seen CBD massage oil so I thought it was cool to see another type of topical product.

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