The Best Smoking Subscription Box

Are you “testing the waters” when it comes to weed-based merchandise? Maybe you are searching for cannabis-related products to sample? Perhaps you are seeking a more convenient, cost-effective way to immerse yourself in this burgeoning culture. For those who are new to the world of ganja and/or looking to expand their horizons in terms of variety and accessibility, the fact that counterculture has merged with subscription service is a happy occurrence. That being said, here are some of the best smoking subscription box options out there.

1. TokerPack

TokerPack was the first smoking subscription box company to include glass pipes from 8 inches tall to 10 inches tall every month. They currently offer 4 different subscription options. Their options include: The Mini Pack for only $5 a month, the Accessory Pack at $35 per month, the Glass Pack which costs $50 a month, and the popular Bundle Pack at a monthly rate of $75. Every pack comes with quality name brand smoking products that will make every month like seem as if it is Christmas. Our packs are great for entry-level smokers all the way to an experience smoker that only wants glass pipes with great function. Although this is a wonderful way to add to your glass pipe collection every month you don’t half to sign up for a subscription. We also sell everything you would find in our monthly boxes on the website separately so you can make one time purchases if you don’t want to be billed automatically every month. You can check out everything they offer on their website at

2. Hemper

This service currently offers three tiers when it comes to their subscription options. These include the Classic Hemper Box, which focuses on the basics (e.g.rolling papers, stuff to clean your pipes, recipes, tips, etc.), at $12 a month, the Rolling Essentials Box offers the contents of the Hemper Box, along with snacks and a small piece of glassware, at $20 per month, and the Glassentials Box, which contains all the same items as the Rolling Essentials, but adds a nice, larger piece of glassware, at a monthly rate of $30. Each box has features that will appeal to new and long-time consumers alike and the service is reasonably priced. This subscription option is geared towards glass enthusiasts, people who are curious about the service, and those looking for good value for their money. You can get this box from


3. Cannabox

This option combines cannabis-themed snacks, apparel, and accessories with pop culture references that enhance the fun factor. The service costs around $20 a month, with discounts available to those who sign up for 3 or 6-month subscriptions. All of the offerings contain 6-9 essential items, alongwith accessories. Moreover, for only $14, interested parties can purchase a Cannapack, which is a sampler box filled with goodies from previous boxes. While it does not include the monthly theme like the regular box, this option is an inexpensive way to sample the goods before committing to a subscription. This service is geared towards entertainment and/or pop culture enthusiasts, those who appreciate tongue-in-cheek humor, and snack fans.


4. 420 Goody Box

This service is a combination of smoking accessories, snacks, and other essentials. the price points range from $10/mo. for The Loot Pack (4-8 items), $22/mo. for The Goody Box (5-9 items), to $80/mo. for The Top Shelf (7-13 items). This is a great option for adventurous subscribers and those with the munchies.


It is important to note that, due to the fact that marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, these services cannot ship products containing actual Mary Jane across state lines (even if they are shipped from cannabis-legal states). Therefore, these companies have adopted creative ways to enhance your smoking experience. Nonetheless, some companies are sending subscription boxes with legitimate pot products in them, including weed-infused oils, lotions, and artisan strains, but they are only shipping within their legalized state borders. More importantly, these subscription service options provide a convenient, affordable way for people who are interested, but uncertain, to venture into the ganja arena and/or explore other avenues of supply for veteran cannabis consumers.

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