2018’s Most Exciting Marijuana Initiative Is In Kern County

One of the most exciting items on the November ballot isn’t the blue wave or red tide, it’s a voter initiative in Kern County, California called Measure K.  Experts across America are watching Kern County because of Measure K. The campaign to get Measure K passed is gaining momentum.


“Measure K has managed to bring all the benefits of cannabis to a community without any of the hassles and drawbacks,” says Louis Ennas, CEO of Green Partners, Inc, “Before Measure K, most initiatives were crafted to benefit just a few people. Measure K is absolutely the opposite – it’s a marriage between community and industry.”


Measure K does two things simultaneously. This genius measure strictly regulates yet encourages job creation and prosperity for the County. It punishes the lawbreakers and rewards the job creators.


How is Measure K different from other local initiatives on the ballot?


First, Measure K is highly restrictive of dispensaries. Only 35 are allowed in the County. The measure directly funds law enforcement and first responders. It gives police the tools they need to enforce the laws and punish the bad actors who aren’t following the rules.


Second, Measure K gives farmers and manufacturers responsible regulations – without headaches – so they can quickly create jobs and industry. Kern County needs good jobs and the cannabis industry remains committed to a $20/hour minimum wage.


Third, Measure K pushes all the cannabis farms and processing far away from where people live and go to school. As other communities have learned, cannabis farms, like other types of agriculture, often have strong odors.


“There are two smells that drive me crazy,” says the mother of 3 Lucy Perez, “marijuana plants and cow manure. People joke that farms smell like money, but I the farms should be out of town so the neighborhoods aren’t smelly places to live.”


Lawmakers from all around the US are eagerly waiting to see how voters in conservative Kern County react to Measure K.


“I hope Measure K is voted in,” says a State Representative, “Kern’s laws haven’t made sense to anyone and these laws and tax revenue would save the County.”


By Michael Sampson, Staff Writer

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